Saturday, September 29, 2007

Conscious Becoming, excerpt


Look at the history of any culture or nation,
and find that whole groups and communities
can be collectively conscious or unaware.

And it only takes a small group
of conscious people to
transform collective unawareness.
It’s happened before,
it will happen again and again.

With no representatives or voting,
thousands of small,
individual and collective acts
of conscious people with faith in their gifts
give shape to a world
worthy of everyone’s trust and respect.

When people are conscious,
without imposed rules or consensus,
they know how to create beauty together.

I'm back

This is my prodigal return to the NetWeaving blog, post promise to Valdis and June in our agreement to step up our engagement here. The only excuse for my absence that I like is my being otherwise pre, and post, occupied with my 6th book that is now launched ( and has already won great fanhood from Valdis and my close friends whose unconditional love makes it impossible to know if they really like it, or they're just about the love.

So back to the matter at hand. My social network focus has been and will continue to be on the quality of connections in networks. Valdis and June are genius at the questions of who's now connected and about what and who could and should be connected and about what.

My interest in client projects is all about building the right kind of trust, abundance perspective, and strengths engagement that allows high quality connections. It's actually the embryonic focus that sparked my consulting and coaching career 30 years ago when I was doing my thesis research on the phenomenology of conversations in interpersonal systems. So my place in the June-Valdis lineup is third in the batting order. Once people are connected to the right people for the right purposes, I help them get and stay smarter together - which is the natural byproduct of trust, abundance perspective, and the mutual engagement of strengths. In the civic space and organizations, these are competencies to be developed.

Feels good to be back. More later. Promise.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

A lost link...

Steve "Habib" Rose
Nov. 12, 1957 - Sept. 26, 2007

Habib, our friend and colleague, passed away yesterday.

He was the biggest fan of this blog, a blogger himself, and often commented on our posts. He worked with June on several projects and was one of our most excited and motivated students of network mapping. He was a true network weaver, and we will miss him in many ways.