Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Twitter...

Actually, you can follow all three of us -- Jack, June and Valdis -- on Twitter!

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform -- one and two sentence posts -- which allows you to quickly share ideas and discoveries on the WWW.

Twitter's original idea was that people post answers to "What are you doing?" I like to answer the questions "What are you interested in?" and "What are you paying attention to?" I tend to follow people that answer similar interest/attention questions in their tweets [posts to Twitter].

Here is a quick intro to Twitter and some musings about network mapping of Twitter data. The graphic below shows part of my Twitter graph in the first month of use -- who follows whom.


jane bush said...

Sometimes I feel twitter is just waste of time as all marketers come together and start twitting irrespective of others interested or not

June Holley said...

Remember, you can just delete anyone marketing to you! I spend a good bit of time following a really great group of innovators - and have created a wonderful community of people I can listen to, learn from, share with, etc.