Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Personalities in networks

I posted a tweet on this today and June suggested I elaborate, so here are some seminal ideas on 5 basic personalities that show up and engage in social networks.

People who are always introducing (adding) new people, new ideas, new questions, and new assets to the network

People who are always looking to take something (subtracting) from the network - they are the consumers, stealers, and energy-drainers in the network

People who are always aligning people in opposition to others in the network; they keep the network divided into us-them divisions based on either-or thinking

People who create rhizomic possibilities that can keep multiplying, virally, by virtue of their replicability and value to the network

People who create new fusions of possibilities, transcendent and transformational ways for the network to become more inventive and adaptive. These are the designers, architects, poets, and crafts people in the network who provide vision and inspiration to adders and multipliers.

Obviously, rich networks grow adders, multipliers, and integrators.

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Lonnie E. Fuller Jr., MD said...

Hi Jack,
I understand four of the five. Can you elaborate on the multipliers, or perhaps provide a couple of examples?