Saturday, January 28, 2006

Building Smart Networks

The Network Weaving experience of ACEnet is described in a white paper [PDF] by Valdis and June. The paper steps you through the network weaving process, from beginning to vibrant network. The paper was published in the Non-Profit Quarterly in 2005 and was chosen as one of the best articles of the year in NPQ.

In the latest version of the paper, we add a new idea from Jack -- the Introduction Pyramid [PDF]. This explains how one-on-one introductions are a key part of weaving the network and how they follow a scale of involvement and probablity of success.


Spinorb said...

I like the idea of the Introduction Pyramid. However, when I looked at it; I am not sure I got it. It seemed to me like the introducing party was doing a lot of hand holding through 7 steps of introduction.

In practice I might do some of these steps depending on the situation, but I can't imagine doing all of the steps.

Could you add some further explanation to the Introduction Pyramid graphic?

Anonymous said...

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