Thursday, March 04, 2010

Economic growth indicators for networks

Networks can actually envision and measure their economic growth impacts on communities and regions and network spaces. Here are just a few indicators that can consider:
  1. Number of new college-degreed & non-degreed jobs created by current organizations in each sector
  2. Number of jobs created by new organizations in each sector
  3. Number of new organizations coming to locate here from outside in each sector
  4. Number of new organizations started from within the community in each sector
  5. Number of new product and service lines offered by community organizations in each sector
  6. Number of people in the community less or no longer dependent on public services and aid in each sector
  7. Number of businesses performing better in each sector
  8. Number of organizations with successful strategic processes in each sector
  9. Number of residents with increased housing value in each sector
  10. Number of students graduating to the next levels in each sector
  11. Number of students starting new businesses and organizations in each sector
  12. Number of employees re-skilled for new industries in each sector
  13. Number of consumer dollars shifted from non-local businesses to local businesses in each sector
  14. Number of businesses and organizations shifting to local suppliers in each sector
  15. Number of people whose health care, education, and energy costs have decreased in each sector
  16. Number of children with reading, writing, research, financial, and cultural literacies in each sector
  17. Number of older citizens living longer and with few costs of living in each sector
  18. Number of employers satisfied with the local pool of talent for open positions in each sector
  19. Number of organizations winning grants, awards, and funding for local projects and efforts in each sector
  20. Number of occupied commercial and retail spaces in each sector
  21. Number of employee owned businesses that spawn new businesses

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