Sunday, March 07, 2010

Need Help with Network Weaver Handbook

As you may know, I've been working on a Network Weaver Handbook for some time now. I've got almost 100 pages of activities and stories that you will be able to use with your networks, and I think it will end up around 200 pages before I'm through.

But right now, I need your help!

I have loaded the Table of Contents in a google doc and hope you will click on the link to the page, then add comments, questions, edits, etc. Here are some questions:

1. Which part looks most interesting or exciting to you?

2. What is missing that you would like to see included?

3. What is included that you don't think is that important?

Thanks so much for working with me on this!


Tim Kastelle said...

This looks great June! In general, the structure looks pretty good to me. I have two suggestions. First, it seems to me that section 2.3 Why Networks? seems to be a better fit in the Chapter 1. The material might make more sense where it is, but the topics that you list all seem like they are part of building a compelling case for networks and so should be closer to the front.

Second, starting at about Chapter 4, the section titles get fairly telegraphic. This is probably about the point that you've gotten up to in writing it, but I think it would help to have these fleshed out a bit.

But overall, I'm excited to see it once it's done!

June Holley said...

Thanks, Tim! Good point - totally will shift that around.

You're also right that I haven't dug as deeply into later parts - wanted to get feedback first. But I'll be adding more detail later this week.

kristin wolff said...

I'm with Tim (hi Tim, so funny that we recently became twitter buds and then I find you here - networks, right?) re: moving the why case up front. The other thing I wanted to share was a recent repeat performance of what happened in Oakland with the mental models/metaphors (in-the-tent, at-the-table, etc.) getting in the way. Suspect you will cover this and the table just doesn't get to that level of detail, but that whole idea of not making networks and other organizing stand in opposition to each other seems important. Network literacy as a construct? Anyway, this looks fantastic. Happy St. Pat's Day.

Sue Lang said...

As someone who has been working on nurturing a faith-based network I think your handbook will be a valuable contribution! I think the direction you are moving in with this resource is great!