Saturday, May 27, 2006

Closing triangles, naturally

In training with a few hundred health care staff this week focused on relationship building, we had them closing triangles, after a few minutes of context about why it's important and their brainstorm on the keys to effective introductions. People did a great job - a testament to our intrinsic capacity for doing just that!


jon mullican said...

Jack, just found you and June and Valdis. What is it to "close a triangle?" Relational triangles or something else. Very interested. Like your Jack/Zen page.

Valdis said...

Yes, relationship triangles Jon.

A knows B and A knows C.

B and C do not know each other.

A--B and A--C form 2 legs of a triangle, but it is an open triangle because the third leg is not in place. When A introduces B to C the last side of the triangle is complete and we have a closed triangle -- everyone knows everyone else.

A--B B--C C--A

A complete loop.